• Pizza oven wood fire
    Wood Fired Cooking

    Our pizza oven burns real wood, and only wood. It takes more skill to manage, but you can't beat the flavor. From our pizzas to our rotisserie chicken (over a wood fire) to our burgers and steaks (over charcoal),we strive to give you exceptional flavors.

  • Northwest Cedar 'Que Burger
    Creative Food

    We've been known for awesome burgers for years. And not just regular burgers, but inspired creations like this Northwest Cedar 'Que Burger, or our Tennessee Bourbon Burger.

  • Draft Beer Menu Board
    Great Bar

    With 17 craft beers on tap and an emphasis on local wines by the glass or bottle, we give you a great choice of ways to relax, either in the dining room, or at the bar watching a game.

  • Cedar Plank Salmon
    Casual But Elegant

    Good food, artfully presented, doesn't have to come in a stuffy setting or with a big price tag. We want you to take joy in your meal, but still feel comfortable.

  • Friday Night Bar Crowd
    Fun Place To Be

    Running Rooster is popular (especially on weekends). You can make a reservation, but between the bar and the main dining room, we can usually squeeze you in with minimal wait.

  • Ballpark Garlic Fries
    Bold Flavors

    We don't do wimpy food. From our killer garlic fries to our spicy El Jefe burger and the rosemary-infused rotisserie chicken cooked over a real wood fire, our chef believes in food that wakes up your senses.

  • Rooster at Entrance

    In keeping with our rural community home, Running Rooster is barn-chic, at once rustic, comfortable, and elegant. Come in jeans, or straight from the wedding, you'll feel comfortable either way. Our servers will pamper you.


Running Rooster is Honest Food. That means we put our best into your meal and your service. We take pride in both, and our satisfaction comes when you leave happy. Thanks for visiting.



All-Day Dining:
11:00-8:30 Monday to Thursday
11:00-9:30 Friday
11:30-9:30 Saturday
11:30-8:30 Sunday


800 San Benito Street
(corner San Benito & South)
Hollister, CA
- Parking available on both sides of building -



Fundraiser Time!

School is back in session, sports seasons are starting up, and that surely means one thing.  Everyone needs to raise some money to help pay for the extras.  Running Rooster offers special fundraisers to any non-profit organization or school.  You bring in your members, and we refund to your group 25% of their tab!  It’s completely easy, we even provide you with the flyers.


Tap Take-over by Lost Coast Brewery, Sept 22nd
We've got another Tap Take-over coming, this one by Lost Coast Brewery, on Monday September 22nd. They'll be bringing in a selection of their special beers, there'll be take-home logo glasses and probably other goodies to give away. Plus, the brewery guy will be here to answer all your beer-geek questions about their nectar. These Tap Take-overs are always a bunch of fun.

Book Your Company Holiday Party
Running Rooster has two private event rooms that will make great places for you to have your company holiday party. The small room fits up to 24, and the big room takes up to 85. Plus, everyone can enjoy the best wood-fired food in town! Custom menus, table service or buffet, we've got lots of flexibility to get you just what you want. Call us to inquire and schedule your date.


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