• Private Dining Rooms
  • Fundraising with the Running Rooster

Private Dining Rooms

Private rooms available for groups from 8 to 80 persons.

Fundraising with the Running Rooster

Running Rooster will host a fundraiser day at the restaurant for any local non-profit community group, including schools, sports clubs, service clubs, and special community support groups. On the day of the fundraiser, members and supporters of the fundraising group, as well as anyone else they can invite, come to Running Rooster and dine (lunch or dinner) just like normal. The fundraiser supporter must present a flyer (which we supply) to their server. After the end of the day, Running Rooster will donate 20% of all the group’s spending at the restaurant (pre sales tax) back to the group.

These are the simple steps:

  1. Arrange the date of your fundraising by contacting us at fundraising@runningrooster.com. All fundraisers occur on a weekday Monday through Thursday (no weekend fundraisers).
  2. Pick up your fundraising flyers from us and distribute to your group and extended circle of supporters (for donation credit, each fundraising purchase must be accompanied by a flyer)
  3. As your date approaches, encourage and remind all your group’s supporters to come and dine at Running Rooster at lunch or dinner on that date.
  4. Remind everyone to bring the flyer and present it to their server (one per table is sufficient).
  5. Running Rooster will calculate total spend and send you a check for 20% of the total (please allow up to two weeks to receive the donation).

That’s it! It is really quite simple. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.